Basha bracelets is a company creating Jewels of Love, Beauty, Joy and Positive Changes. Our goal is to educate you with the healing properties of crystals, designed to enhance, heal and connect to your authentic self. Hand Made in Costa Rica By Nao Ceci a new age shaman healer and gifted aura reader.

Nao Ceci channels her exclusive Healing Jewelry collection through her own spiritual practice . As a gifted aura reader she receives the blessing and benefit of the crystals herself and she shares this gift with many others.

You can implement the Jewelry pieces as a tool to heal, protect, enhance and transform energies. Nao´s heart’s desire is to touch your soul and embrace your future with positive intentions.


Each Bracelet is personally programmed by the healer for the highest good of the wearer. Hand Made in Costa Rica, each design is passed by a smudging of sacred flowers, plants and water from the rain forest so its positive energy, affirmations of peace and healing realize the desired purpose in each person that wears Basha Bracelets.