Reiki Therapy

Reiki emotional Mental Symbol Sei-He-Ki

Reiki therapy is a vibrational, spiritual healing practice that is used to promote balance throughout the body. It is a technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and it also promotes healing. It is administered by the practitioner lightly placing their hands over a patient’s body to facilitate the process of healing for the patient. The therapy is based on the idea of an unforeseen life force energy that flows through the human body and which keeps the body alive.

The patient can get the treatments from a trained professional, friend or they can give themselves the treatment as a daily wellness practice. Even though there is no religious belief system attached to Reiki treatment, those who receive it express a connection to their own inner source of meaning spirituality. It feels like a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and around you. Some patients report feeling a tingling and heat where the practitioner of the therapy placed their hands.Some people will practise Reiki so as to strengthen their wellness or to cope with symptoms such as fatigue or pain. Reiki therapy can also be used to support medical care.

Benefits of Reiki therapy
Reiki Therapy is a simple process but it is known to produce profound effects. The main aim of Reiki therapyis not only to heal different diseases but to promote a positive mind and a healthy body so that people can experience joy in their lives. Time is needed for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to get back to balance it is therefore not a miraculous cure from disease. Reiki therapy is often used as complimentary therapy in several hospitals today for the benefits it has on the human body. They include:

1. Enables spiritual growth and emotional clarity
Reiki therapy not only heals the physical body but also the physical. Reiki therapy enables you to deeply connect with people and hence enhances your capability to love and empathize with others. It can heal and strengthen personal relationships. It also brings harmony and inner peace since it cleans and clears your emotions.

2. Reduces anxiety and depression
Depression and anxiety are associated with changes in the mood. Studies show that there are mood benefits from using Reiki Therapy. Once the moods improve, one experiences reduced anxiety. There is also significant reduction in depression, anger and confusion.

3. Helps in reduction of stress and it promotes relaxation
These are the best proved health benefits of practicing Reiki therapy. Most ailments today are linked to a stress factor be it work stress, emotional stress, or environmental stress. By reduction in stress reduction and inducing relaxation, the body’s immune system is triggered. It helps in getting better sleep and improving and maintaining good health.

4. It helps in the grieving process
It clears the emotions hence preventing them from being so draining and also offers perspective.

5. Speeds up recovery from surgery or from long term illness
It helps the body adjust to the medicine and also reduces the side effects.
Because of its non-traumatic approach, Reiki Treatment is fast becoming an accepted practice in most hospitals and clinics to compliment conventional therapies.

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