The Use of Magnets

The use of magnets in Basha Bracelets

magnets-healingWhy do I use magnets in most Basha designs? Did you know that magnets were used therapeutically in China since the year 2000 Before Christ? Many ancestral cultures, among them the Chinese, Hindu, Arab, Hebrew and the Egyptian dynasties of antiquity used magnets for their therapeutic properties. Magnets are residues of volcanic lava, composed of diverse natural elements and ferromagnetic minerals. Magnets form when a volcano erupts. Following the eruption, the rocks and the earth that were touched by the lava cool off, solidify and remain impregnated with magnetic energy. Thus, natural magnets are formed.

The marvelous effect of magnets on the human body are absolutely incredible. It has been scientifically proven how beneficial they are for muscle pain, inflammation, bumps and bruises. Also for long term medical treatments that need medication on an ongoing basis. Magnets reduce headaches and joint pain and also are helpful the for a healthy cellular division and more.

How do magnets reduce pain?
The key to understanding how magnets reduce pain is the capillaries. These are the regulators of blood flow in the entire body as they are the smallest of the blood vessels and have such thin walls that oxygen and glucose can go through them and reach the cells as also can the respiratory gasses, nutrients and the rest of the substances that are carried in the blood. In the same manner, the waste products such as carbon dioxide can return to the blood to be eliminated from the body.

The fine blood tissue is conformed depending on the number of capillaries through which blood is flowing; when its walls relax they allow the blood to flow freely. When a magnetic field is applied to our muscular structure, it relaxes thus achieving a notable improvement in blood circulation.

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As an energetic designer, I am completely convinced that the curative effect of natural magnets of medium intensity for therapeutic purposes are a fantastic form of alternative medicine. A medicine that is Not administered by injection, is Not ingested. Is Not toxic. That has No collateral effect, does Not require surgical procedures. It produces No cellular or organic material alterations.

Given its energetic value to the human body the only contraindication of magnets is when a person has an implanted cardiac pacemaker in their body, in which case magnets are not recommended. Just take a moment to absorb the incredible energy benefits of magnets! Our grandparents already knew them as the “good luck stones” I wish you prosperity and good health!

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