The Healing Energy of Crystals – How Does It Work?

This is a question I get asked almost every day. Since ancient times, people from different cultures and continents have used the spiritual and healing powers of gems and crystals, which emit vibrations that can alleviate physical, emotional and mental disorders.

This medicine is based on humans being part of a global cosmic energy.There is much debate on this question, as scientists say there is no concrete evidence to show otherwise. However, all ancient civilizations have used crystals in a variety of forms of healing from offerings to protective talismans. Not to mention that kings and pharaohs used them in their crowns, scepters and ceremonies in their temples. The truth is that the energy of gems and crystals has always been linked to man since the beginning of time.

As gifted aura reader and new age shaman, my personal journey with the energy of the earth has been patient and wonderful. Each of us is here on the planet with the divine breath of God to learn, grow and evolve.

There are many things that still remain a mystery, waiting to be discovered. Meanwhile find the power inside you to heal and improve the power of the gem therapy.

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Our Mission
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