Nao Ceci radiates a joy for living! She is an exceptional woman with God given talents and intuition that she readily wishes to share with others. Her background is impressive: Shamanic Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Reiki therapist, theta-healing therapist, aura interpreter, and published author. She is inspired by the richness of the land in which she lives now with her family, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Message from the designer

My name is Nao Ceci, I’m the designer of the Basha Healing bracelets.
I was born reading auras and I’m knowledgeable of the secrets and the magic of the Costa Rica rain forests. That’s where Basha was born, a line of jewelry of personal affirmation to create consciousness and hope to be better human beings.

In their manufacturing process I personally choose the stones according to their energetic value. I don’t use machines because the entire process is manual. In manufacturing we use a nail, a piece of wood and a little fire.
Each design is passed by a smudging of sacred flowers, plants and water from the rain forest so its positive energy, affirmations of peace and healing realize the desired purpose in each person that wears my bracelets.

Nao Ceci, Basha’s designer.