The original shaman Lucky rope Bracelet

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This is the original Shaman hand -knotted Lucky rope bracelet designed by Nao Ceci a well-known healer and shaman medicine lady.
It has been blessed by authentic shamans of the rain forest of Costa Rica and been infused the with magical wood of Palo Santo, to attract health and good fortune. Wear it on your left wrist to welcome its energy.
Shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for purposes of bringing back healing, power, and prosperity.
The Maleku native tribe of Costa Rica has practiced its sacred healing traditions for millennia. Healings and blessings are an everyday occurrence in native life. The shamans act as doctors for the entire community, helping to cure all forms of sickness, both spiritual as well as physical.

Adjustable closure: 8.2″-11″

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