Basha Bracelet gives a 6-month warranty on all its products with the original purchase receipt. If Basha Bracelet submits a product with a manufacturing defect, we will gladly exchange it or replace it with a product of equal value. Basha Bracelets reserves its right to allow a 4-week period for exchange or replacement.

Keep in mind

Our jewelry is designed to help the user achieve the desired result. It is very good luck when a rock changes color or when a stone inexplicably bursts while being worn. This is a clear sign that old energy blockages have been released and the bracelet is achieving its desired objective. Bad energy has been caught by the stones being worn. Congratulations! You have had an energy breakthrough!

When this happens you may have worked through the energy cycle of your Basha Bracelets. It has achieved its purpose and it may be time to consider purchasing a new piece of jewelry that is more in tune with your current energy needs.